Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Gild?

Gild is the premium adults colouring app offering anime, fantasy, science fiction fans and technical artwork such as cars, bikes and trains.

We've curated artwork from some of the most talented artists on Deviant Art and Art Station to bring you original artwork that you can colour in time and again.

When you purchase collections of artwork to colour in, you will be directly supporting the artists who created them as they will receive revenue from each sale.


How Do I Purchase Collections Of Artwork?

Choosing the artwork you would like to colour in is simple. To make it easy for you, we have categorised artwork by themes such as Manga, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and within each category you will find a list of the artists who have created artwork for that category.

Simply choose the artist to view their art collection. Each collection offers one image you can colour in for FREE! To purchase the rest of the collection you can tap on any of the artwork showing a padlock symbol in the lower right corner and a popup will appear asking if you wish to purchase the collection by Quick Purchase or to view in the main shop area. Make your choice and follow the on-screen instructions to purchase and unlock the entire collection.

You can also purchase collections by tapping on the Settings icon (a cog wheel) in the top right of the home screen and choose 'Purchases Collections' from the menu to choose a collection to purchase and follow the on-screen instructions.


How Do I Restore Purchases?

To restore any purchases of collections you have made, simply tap on the Settings icon (a cog wheel) in the top right of the home screen and choose 'Restore Purchases' from the menu.


How Do I Choose A Piece Of Artwork To Colour?

Upon opening the app, tap on the artist of your choice to view the artwork they have created.

If you have purchased their artwork collection, then you will be able to choose any piece of artwork to colour in. If not, then you will only be able to choose the first piece of artwork in the collection.

Should the chosen artwork be a piece that you have previously started to colour in, then you will be asked in you wish to Continue, Share or Start New.

If you wish to continue colouring in a piece of artwork then click on Continue.

To share a piece of artwork then choose Share to be taken to the sharing screen where you can submit your completed artwork to Facebook and Instagram.

Selecting Start New will clear any previous colouring for that piece of work and allow you to start with a clean canvas - ONLY CHOOSE THIS IF YOU WANT TO START AGAIN!


How Do I Colour In The Artwork?

Once you have chosen the piece of artwork you wish to colour, you will be taken to the colouring screen.

To choose a colour from the ready made colour palettes, you can swipe left or right along the colours and tap on your chosen colour to select it.

Another way to select a colour is by tapping on the colour palette icon in the lower left corner to view all of the colour palettes.

By default the paint bucket fill tool is selected, and to colour in an area simply choose a colour and tap on the screen to fill in that area.

For finer details such as shadows and highlights, then you can switch to the pencil tool by tapping on the paint bucket icon in the lower right corner and the icon will change to a pencil. This will unlock a number of options for the pencil tool: Opactity and Size.

Sliding the button left and right along the opacity bar will change how transparent or solid the line will appear. This is useful for adding shadows by selecting a dark colour and setting the opacity to around 40% and then tracing a line over areas that have already been coloured. The same can be used for highlights by setting the opacity to around 70% and selecting white or a very light colour.

The change the size of the line drawn with the pencil, simply slide the button left or right for the size bar to increase or decrease the size of the pencil line.


I Made A Mistake What Do I Do?

It is easy to correct a mistake. At the top of the screen tap on the left arrow to undo one or more previous actions and if you need to redo an action then tap on the right arrow.


How Do I Zoom In And Out?

The zoom in and out feature works in a similar way to the zoom functions of app such as the photo app.

Place two fingers on the screen and spread them apart to zoom in. Pinch your fingers together to zoom out.


How Do I Save My Artwork To Continue Later?

To save your work, you only need to tap on the Gallery button at the top left on the colouring in screen and your artwork will be saved. This will take you back to the collection gallery where your changes will be visible.


What Can I Do When I Have Completed My Art?

When you have finished your artwork tap on the Guild It! button in the top right to 'Gild' your artwork with textures to enhance the look of your creation, share your pieces with friends or post on social media, or you can save your artwork to the Photos area on your own device


Will I Lose My Work If I Delete The App?

YES! If you delete the app then any work you have done will be deleted and cannot be recovered.


What If I Find A Problem With A Piece Of Artwork?

If you find a piece of artwork that has a issue such as the fill bleeding into another area, then please email us at