The Colouring App for Geeks

Gild is the premium adults colouring app that anime, manga, fantasy and science fiction fans have been waiting for, and if you prefer more technical artwork such as cars, bikes and trains; we've got you covered too!

We've curated artwork from some of the most talented artists on Deviant Art and Art Station to bring you original anime, manga, fantasy, science fiction and technical artwork that you can colour in time and again.

Only pay for the content you want. We know that not everyone has the same tastes, so there are no forced subscriptions to unlock content; try a free sample of each pack of content and if you like what you see then pay only for the packs you want!

With 80% of revenue going back to each artist when purchasing one of their content, you are helping to support them and in turn they can continue to deliver great content for you to colour in!

Image packs from $1.99 / £1.99 / 1.99

Easy To Use

Use the fill tool, to spread your base layer of colour first before using the pencil tool to add in shading and highlights to make your chosen artwork pop!. Use the zoom and pan features to get in close for those tiny details.

Choose from over 240 preset colours in the categorised colour palette or create your own custom palette to create any colour you want for your needs. All the colours are free - no paying for colours in Gild!

Show Off Your Art!

Time to 'gild' you art! Add textures to your completed works including art paper, parchment, wood, stone and brick.

Proud of your artwork? Save it in your photos and use as a wallpaper, share it with your friends by text or email and even post it online directly into Facebook or on Twitter.